06 March 2012

Raw Milk War Rages

Anybody who thinks that the right to good food is guaranteed has not been paying attention. There is a war raging over the issue. On one side are ordinary folks who think that somehow they have a right to eat the good wholesome food of their choice such as raw unprocessed milk. Ranged against them with the full backing of government police power are those who are determined that whole natural foods be driven out of existence and replaced with a debased food that is privately owned and patented by corporations like Monsanto. 
SWAT teams have been used to raid raw milk producers and sellers, in addition to widespread suppression of the ability of Americans to access raw milk across state lines as though somehow it is a crime to want to consume wholesome food. Well maybe in this society at this time it is a crime, but Martin Luther King was clear when he said that there is no obligation to obey an unjust law. Under the Constitution of the United States it is the people who are responsible for -not just judging the guilt or innocence of their peers through juries- but judging the law itself!
Raw Milk Wars Continue in California with Arrest of Rawsome Foods Owner
$1 million dollar bail set
March 5, 2012
milksplashglass 220x137 No Justice Allowed? Raw Milk Provider Held on $1 Million BailJames Stewart, owner of Rawsome Foods of Los Angeles, was arrested on Friday March 2, 2012 by the Clara Shortridge Foltz LA County Superior Court.  His bail is set at $1 million and he was still in custody on Sunday.  When contacted by phone, a Sheriff’s Department representative said that Stewart was charged with grand theft.
It is unknown at this time whether this case is related to Mr. Stewart’s raw milk enterprise and why his bail has been set so high.
James Stewart has faced legal challenges before.  Rawsome Foods was raided by armed food police on 2 prior occasions on June 30, 2010 and again August 3, 2011 for selling raw milk to the public without proper permits.  Raw milk is legal in California.  Watch this video of the first raid where you can see that officers have drawn their weapons:
Rawsome’s private members-only food club gave members an ownership interest in the farm.
According to the Rawsome members’ contract, the food sold there excluded chemical contaminants like industrial pesticides, fertilizers and cleansers.  The members’ contract clearly spells out that the natural foods they were selling could contain salmonella, e. coli, parasites, etc.  Some people prefer the risk of eating natural foods over chemically processed foods.  It is the right of the individual to choose what they put in their body.

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Rick Warden said...

The powerful people who help to push GE foods on the world won't touch the stuff themselves:

Gates and Rockefeller Cafeterias Reject Monsanto GE Foods!