09 January 2012

Do Chem Trails Create Vitamin D Deficiency?

No greater mystery exists, visible in plain sight, then the chem trails that right this moment are more than likely right above your head no matter where you are on the planet. You would think that there would be some mention of them on the evening news, in the presidential debates, or a question about it in high level press conferences or high level security briefings... but you would be wrong. Apparently chem trail compounds reflect a portion of the solar spectrum that have to do with vitamin D production in our skin leading to pervasive vitamin D deficiency throughout the population, the result of which is skyrocketing health problems, disease and death. Is someone trying to kill you and me? Something tells me that that is exactly the agenda. Do you have the will to act to save your own life? Do you know what to do? Start by taking vitamin D...

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