26 June 2011

Why Your Baby Got the Hepatitis B Vaccine

David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon GeneralImage via Wikipedia

I once asked US Surgeon General David Satcher why he recommended that babies receive the Hepatitis B vaccine at birth. I wanted to know why a sexually transmitted disease vaccine was needed in babies at birth.  The following article may supply the answer, better than Satcher's " You got to get them when you can get them..."

Why are Babies Vaccinated for a STD?

June 26, 2011
hepbvax.jpgPedophiles now pepper the professional landscape like warts on a witch.  

by Jack Ragnarok 

The widespread medical practice of administering Hepatitis B vaccines to newborns is something that should sound mental alarm bells. 
Why?  Hep B is contracted chiefly by sexual contact, first appearing among male homosexuals then later spreading to the general population by adult heterosexual promiscuity.
Hep B is but one of many STDs, but is not yet an epidemic. Why not vaccinate for common contagions that become epidemics? And  why  subject newborns to their first Hep B vaccination at 12 hours, then a booster shot at 4 months, and another at 4 years when the vaccine 'memory' has faded?
 Is it because babies are going to be sexually active in their first 4-5 years? The answer is Yes, but this type of sexual contact never happens by mutual consent;  it's called child molestation.
Pedophiles now pepper the professions landscape like warts on a witch. Some pedophiles are members of parliament that legislated exceptional powers be given to Child Protection agents. 
Other pedophiles are police;  others are found in religious orders, there are doctors and lawyers, and teachers, and engineers, etc.etc.. Many pedophiles  have  Hepatitis B and are carriers infecting others, including children and babies.
Where though is the wholesale threat of Hep B infection to children?
Enter the thugs of Child Protection agencies. These regularly abduct, or forcibly remove, children from parents straight into the waiting arms of individuals of an elite pedophile clientele. 
In nearly every office of any Child Protection agency there is at least one Frau Goebbels that liaises with the elite clientele. Sometimes it's upon request for a particular victim that a child is forcibly removed. 
An MP or doctor or policeman is attracted to the child through official capacity and requests Child Protection agents to intervene  to remove the child on the flimsiest of pretexts. 
Other times a child is removed by Child Protection from foster care by midnight raids, or foster care perverts are actively engaged providing the elite client with 'meat'. 
Many children that die in Child Protection care were victims of a blind eye policy to satanic practises.
To avoid the scandal that too many children and sucking infants in Child Protection care get infected with Hep B, complicit legislators drafted a series of Hep B vaccinations into law or into standard medical practice as something good and healthy for the nation's infants.  
Fortunately, most children are not sexually molested during their tender years; those that are  may never remember the incidents. 
For the former, the side-effects of vaccination cause death or maim by contaminants carefully planted within the witch's brew of vaccines. The range of vaccine contraindications is extensive but seldom are parents informed. 


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Anonymous said...

also hep B is a blood-bourne pathogen. Your child may become infected if s/he comes in even slight contact with infected blood.

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