27 April 2011

Radiation Protection Protocol (revised)

The radioactive plume map shows why you need to be concerned about increased exposure to radiation despite what the EPA says.
Below is a more detailed elaboration of the protocol offered in that interview to protect yourself and others in the world that has now become dramatically more dangerous due to the increased radio-activity in the atmosphere since the decade of wars in which the US, Israel and their allies are using illegal depleted Uranium weapons and of course the on-going nuclear meltdown in Japan in the aftermath of the massive earthquake and giant tsunami that struck on March 11, 2011. The protocol is in 2 parts. Part one is for the kind of "low level" radiation risk we all face currently in the United States. "Low level" does not mean there is no danger. No level of radiation is safe. Part two is what to do in case of a high level radiation risk. The protocol is to prevent long-term radiation effects on the body, and possibly 'radiation sickness'. These are things that you must take care of for yourself, on your own. The government will not help you or even inform you until it is too late. You will have to exercise your best judgement about what to do and when to do it. Nothing in the protocol will harm you. There is no guarantee that any of it will make much of a difference if there is a massive radiation leak. Nobody has a large experience of what to do. You are about as expert as the 'experts'. Many of the supplements mentioned are available from Abundant Life Health Attainment Center. 
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Radiation Protocol
  Supplements to be used daily for current 'low-level' radiation-
Part One
Niacin (flushing dose) 200 - 1000mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 1000 - 5000mg
Cataplex ACP - 3 per day
Prolamine Iodine- 1 - 3 per day
Cataplex E -  3 - 6 per day
Ferrofood -  3 per day
Cataplex G - 3 per day
Cataplex B - 3 per day
Calsol - 3 per day
Chela-Co - 3 per day
Green Food- 3 per day

Part Two- in the event of a major exposure to radiation
Baking Soda 1 - 10 tablespoons in water
Epsom Salts Bath
Clay Bath
Edible Clay: Cholachol II 3 - 6 per day
Gastro-Fiber 3 - 9 per day
Phosfood Liquid 10 - 20 drops per day in water
Magnesium Lactate 3 - 9 per day

Foods to eat to prevent or lessen radiation effects:
Ginkgo Biloba
Turmeric (Cur cumin)
Green leafy vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables
Raw Milk
Deep Spring Water
Celtic Sea Salt
Sea Weed
Spirulena and Chorella
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