20 March 2011

Food Self Sufficiency Growing Kit

Many predict famine throughout the world including the US in 2011. Food may become the most valued commodity and represents the ability to survive as a living being. Food self-sufficiency is an absolute must. Here is something good that may help you to survive. Check it out. It's called the Grow Camp.

    This extension modular expands an existing Grow Camp main modular to accommodate a growing garden. The 20" raised garden bed provides a comfortable working height. The heavy-gauge resin frame with criss-cross steel wires offers the strength and longevity to endure a range of weather conditions for year-round growing, while clear poly sheeting and insect-proof netting protect tender seedlings and plants from damage caused by harmful bugs and severe weather. Product Features:
  • Heavy-gauge, grey resin construction with criss-cross steel wires for strength and longevity; will not rust or look old or worn
  • Clear poly sheeting on the front, back, roof and sides is fully UV stabilized for long life
  • Insect-proof netting keeps out harmful bugs for pesticide-free gardening
  • Roll-up opening allows maximum venting in the summer
  • Extension modular helps extend an existing GrowCamp to more than 150'
  • 20" raised garden bed offers a comfortable working height and well-defined area
  • Assembles in 1–2 hours with a Phillips screwdriver and pliers (not included)
  • Dimensions: 4'L x 4'W x 5'H
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • (Model FC3040)
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Anonymous said...

Where can this be purchased? I googled the item, but it didn't come up directly.


James L said...

I found it at www,greenhousemegastore.com

billy said...

Dr. Alim,
I have sent two emails to you regarding a West Coast event. Please respond ASAP. T emails is sent are from Muhammad27@verizon.net

Please check email

billy said...

Sorry for the error in previous comment. It says billy, but was actually sent by Betty. The emails referred to came from my email address which is muhammad27@verizon.net Please respond. Thanks