10 December 2010

Microwaved Foods Cause Cancer

What's wrong with the plant on the left may be what's wrong with you. You're full of microwaved food and water and its killing you. Now the evidence is in- microwaved food causes cancer. You thought you were just zapping the food and, instead, you were really zapping yourself. You are what you eat, zapped or not. 
Thou shall not zap!

Evidence that Microwaved Foods Cause Cancer
NaturalNews) Unbiased research has produced evidence that eating microwaved food is an invitation for cancer. Those research results are usually banned or overturned and ignored for the sake of business as usual for the microwave oven manufacturers. After all, the masses of convenience oriented consumers have created quite a lucrative demand.
Early warnings against microwaving mostly involved warming baby`s formula or stored mother`s breast milk. In 1992,Stanford research discovered that microwaving formula at low heat destroyed most of the nutrients. Furthermore, the researchers were shocked to find that over 90% of the disease protecting agents in mother`s breast milk were eliminated by microwave warming.
Russia`s Research
From 1957, Russia had conducted testing on radar microwave emissions and microwave oven cooking. The scientific conclusions resulted in emission restrictions for radar workers and a ban on microwave ovens in 1976.
The microwave industry has made their ovens relatively emission proof to humans operating the ovens. But the Russians tested food cooked in microwave ovens and found an incredible array of nutrient destruction accompanied by the creation of cancer causing agents.
Their thorough research, laboratory, clinical, and epidemiological, spanned almost two decades. USA researcher William Kopp published those findings, emphasizing the cancer causing aspects of microwave cooked foods. He was ridiculed and marginalized by American mainstream science.
All for naught. The Russian ban was lifted during Perestroika, which foisted "free market" principles over health in Russia. This created a greatly expanded market for microwave ovens though. Ka-ching!
It`s the Blood, Stupid
In 1991, a lawsuit was filed in Oklahoma on behalf of a woman, Norma Levitt, who died after a simple blood transfusion for a hip operation. It`s normal for the administered blood to be warmed, but not in a microwave oven. That time it was, and the patient died almost immediately after the transfusion.
In 1992, Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, assisted by Bernard Blanc, conducted a very thorough study on eight healthy human volunteers in their 20s and 30s. The study included raw milk and pasteurized milk and frozen and fresh vegetables. The foods were all consumed raw, cooked normally, and microwaved.
Before and after each meal, their blood was tested. Nutrient damage well beyond normal cooking was present in their blood after consuming microwave cooked food, with abnormalities paralleling the findings of earlier Russian studies. Hertel concluded that technologically induced energy damage can be passed on to humans with microwaved food in addition to direct microwave emissions.
The blood samples from test subjects who had consumed microwaved foods demonstrated decreased lymphocytes (white blood cells) and decreased haemoglobin and cholesterol values, combined with increased luminescence or energy of luminescent bacteria (defined in PubMed source below).

Decreased haemoglobin results in less oxygen for cells, substituting anaerobic glucose fermentation for cellular energy. This condition, plus microwave cooking`s production of carcinogenic compounds creates cancer.

Truth Not Be Known
The two Swiss scientists published their findings and were quickly sued. A trade organization persuaded the court to issue a vicious gag order on their findings.
Blanc was so intimidated he recanted, but Hertel stood his ground. In 1998, his appeal was honored by the court`s lifting the gag order and awarding Hans Hertel with 40,000 francs from the Swiss government. Independent journalist Tom Valentine covered this saga completely.

Many scientists scoff at cellular damage and cancerous conditions from microwave cooking without analyzing these and other blood and food tests, or conducting their own! Their denial is typical of all sold out or unconcerned pseudo scientists.
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jantamaya said...

I always was sceptical about microwaved foods, this is why I even don't own a microwave oven.
Some more information about foods causing cancer you may find here:
Best wishes

yodz said...

to my disappointment, I found this microwaved food myth posted everywhere on the Internet like a hoax perpetrating “scare tactics” My question is, why nobody, on this more-high tech world validated, repeated or conducted the said research? This is a serious claim and food and health regulatory board of every country should verify it!

My Notes on this: http://www.yodisphere.com/2011/02/eating-microwaved-foods-can-cause.html