15 November 2010

Milk Wars Continue

 A modern day 'devil' would do what the original devil did in the Garden of Eden- 
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the people eating the wrong food, so they could not be their best. In a weakened state they can easily be controlled and defeated... So today we see the concerted forces of 
evil attacking dairy farmers for providing the one last remaining vestige of the original food that makes Man whole and well, in the image and likeness of God.
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Farmers ordered to stop selling raw milk

It's always ugly to see a little guy grow into a big bully... but that's exactly what's happening in the milk industry right now.

The CROPP cooperative, which sells milk and other dairy products under the "Organic Valley" label, has banned its 1,600 farmer-owners from selling raw milk on the side.


Who knows... but from what I understand, the same week CROPP announced the ban, the village of La Farge, Wisconsin, received a $1 million federal grant that will be used primarily to help Organic Valley expand its rapidly growing operations.

Was this part of some quid-pro-quo arrangement with raw-milk-hating feds? I don't know -- but I do believe in the old saying, "follow the money."

In any case, CROPP's strong-arm tactics mean its farmers can only sell raw milk to their immediate circle of family, friends and neighbors -- and just in case anyone starts making a lot of new "friends," those sales can't exceed 1 percent of total milk volume.

And that could be deadly for little dairies already struggling to make ends meet.

In a recent Action Alert, Weston A. Price Foundation President Sally Fallon Morell wrote that CROPP farmers have been losing money hand over fist -- and many of them need to sell a little raw milk on the side to survive.

"The new policy will force these farmers to choose between remaining a CROPP member or selling raw milk exclusively, either of which will likely lead to severe financial stress or even bankruptcy and possible loss of the family farm," she writes.

So much for the milk of human kindness -- because clearly, CROPP would rather see its farmers suffer than allow them to run a side business that has zero impact on the cooperative as a whole.

After all, other cooperatives allow it. Even Horizon Organic, part of the multibillion-dollar Dean Foods conglomerate, allows its farmers to sell raw milk.

Some people are calling for a boycott of Organic Valley... but really, you shouldn't be drinking that "milk" in the first place. Even the best organic supermarket milk is still pasteurized, homogenized swill that's been heated and treated until all the nutrients are cooked right out.

Find a local farmer who can hook you up with real, raw milk instead. After all, it doesn't just taste better -- it's better for you.

Raw milk is nature's best cure for allergies, asthma, digestive disorders -- and even autism! People all over the country are finally waking up to the benefits of this miracle cure. In terms of nutrient content, health benefits, and plain good taste, nothing beats it.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of raw milk -- and why the government has tried to keep it out of your hands for more than 90 years.

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